About Us

Welcome to MORIKAWA BENTO, www.bentomorikawa.com

MORIKAWA BENTO introduced in Hong Kong in 2013, is an authentic Japanese bento provides catering and take-out service. MORIKAWA BENTO produces fresh daily made Japanese traditional bento, with the best quality of ingredients and healthy food choices. MORIKAWA BENTO insists on providing high-quality ingredients and a balanced diet culture to every customer especially for today's busy professionals. Our customers can enjoy the delicious MORIKAWA BENTO at home, in school or in the office.

In addition, MORIKAWA BENTO has elevated the food quality of delivery and take-away food culture; with our passion to create high-quality Japanese bento by integrating fresh quality ingredients, authentic Japanese cooking methods, with its highest quality ingredients, attention to detail, and continues to create an exquisite and delightful bento experience for all of our customers.

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